UniFi in the Cloud
Rapid Deployment, Reliable Hosting, Seamless Management

Our Plans

For easy and efficient management of your Ubiquiti networks.

The Power of Hubox

Hubox equips you to manage your UniFi controllers with speed, ease and cost-efficiency.

Rapid Deployment

Waste no time - Hubox enables you to deploy and access your UniFi Cloud Controller within seconds. Whether you are operating a small home network or a large enterprise network - Hubox equips you with a pre-configured UniFi Cloud Controller to suit your needs.

Reliable Hosting

Our Cloud Controllers are reliably hosted to ensure that your controller is there when you need it, with minimal disturbance.

Seamless Management

Hubox is built with ease of controller management in mind. Seamlessly switch between controllers via the Hubox app, connect to your controller via a dedicated Hubox domain, or simply point your own DNS records at the server IP.

Built for Individual network owners, Businesses and MSPs

Our plans

Choose a plan that suits you best.

125 Devices

for small networks of up to 125 devices

  • $20 / month
  • VPS hosted
  • 1 site
  • up to 125 devices
  • Free SSL
  • 7-day Support

250 Devices

for mid-size networks of up to 250 devices

  • $30 / month
  • VPS hosted
  • Unlimited sites
  • up to 250 devices
  • Free SSL
  • 7-day Support

500 Devices

for large networks of up to 500 devices

  • $50 / month
  • VPS hosted
  • Unlimited sites
  • Up to 500 devices
  • Free SSL
  • 7-day Support

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